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About Us

Region A Partnership for Children is the non-profit organization that administers North Carolina’s Smart Start and NC Pre-K initiatives in the seven western-most counties and on the Qualla Boundary.

Our RAPC Vision:

Witness the Miracle… A nurturing community…a loving family…a smiling child.

Our Mission

The mission of the RAPC is to improve the quality of life for young children and families in western North Carolina by encouraging advocacy and collaboration and funding services that focus on prevention and early intervention.

The overall goal of the Partnership is to ensure that all children arrive at school healthy and prepared to succeed.

The Region A Partnership for Children (RAPC) encourages our staff and providers to share best-practices, tips, and other helpful information with one another and the families we serve.  Information sharing is an integral part of growing our services and strengthening our programs to better serve our region.

Our services are made possible through the support and dedication of our community partners, volunteers, and generous donors such as the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina (CFWNC), North Carolina Community Foundation, the Dogwood Health Trust, and our Board of Directors.

Region A Partnership for Children staff picture with Cookie Monster
Janice M. Edgerton, Executive Director

Janice M. Edgerton, MSW

Executive Director 

Our Director

Janice M. Edgerton, MSW, Executive Director has worked with Region A Partnership for Children (RAPC) since August 9, 1999. She first served as the Project Manager for the organization until becoming Director in July of 2007.

Ms. Edgerton has worked in service and partnership with children and families for 42 years in a variety of agencies and organizations, in Syracuse, NY, Florida, Pittsboro, NC and WNC. She worked as a social worker and a supervisor in children’s services, a mental health therapist, a court advocate and currently, with RAPC. Her passion is in ensuring that all children have opportunities to reach their full potential and to find joy in life in achieving their individual goals. She believes that families and their unique attributes and strengths, should be at the center of planning and decision making related to the systems and programming that affect their lives.

Janice earned bachelors’ degrees in Psychology and Social Work from Albany University and a master’s degree in Social Work from Syracuse University as well as a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Duke University. She considers some of her best education to have come from early reading of books like The Lord of the Rings and The Many Colored Lands series.

Janice believes that by acknowledging our connection to all living creatures, by appreciating, every day, the gifts of the earth and by recognizing the connectedness that exists among us all, we have the potential to be and become better human beings. Her early development was shaped by time spent exploring woods, swimming, bike riding and ice skating, where she discovered the life-giving energy of the natural world. She continues to love hiking and spending time outdoors.

our Team

Pam Coulthard, Office Manager
Kelly Vreeland, Chief Financial Officer

Pam Coulthard

Office Manager

NC Pre-K Administrator 

Kelly Vreeland

Chief Financial Officer

Barbara Jefferys, NC Pre-K Coordinator

Barbara Jefferys

NC Pre-K Coordinator 

Jody Miller, Engagement Coordinator
Deanna Lyles, Early Childhood Literacy Coordinator

Jody Miller

Community Engagement Coordinator 

Deanna Lyles

Early Literacy Specialist

Murat Yazan, Evaluator/Technology Specialist

Murat Yazan

Evaluator/ Technology Specialist

Wendy Buchanan, Community Outreach Coordinator
Randi Braun, Project Manager
Jennifer Smith, Parent Educator

Wendy Buchanan

Community Outreach Coordinator 

Randi Braun

Project Manager

Jennifer Smith

Parents As Teachers

Haywood County 

Monica Matthews, Parent Educator
Sherre Dean, Parent Educator
Tami Threats, Parent Educator

Monica Matthews

Parents as Teachers  

Cherokee and Clay Counties 

Sherre Dean

Parents as Teachers  

Haywood County 

Tami Threats

Parents as Teachers

Jackson County

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