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Local Interagency Coordinating Councils (LICCs) are community-based advisory groups. Each county should have a LICC. Local service providers and parents work together to make sure that all families know about early intervention services.


The Region A Partnership for Children understands that the role of the SS/LICC is to:

  • develop and distribute county specific public awareness and child find materials;

  • support interagency partnerships and information sharing;

  • promote parent and family involvement in all community events;

  • support community efforts that involve children with special needs and their families.

Who are we?

The SS/LICC (Smart Start / Local Interagency Coordinating Council) is composed of community members and parents with an interest in quality services for children, including children with special needs, and families in our community. Everyone who attends meetings does on a volunteer basis. Everyone brings a valuable point of view to the group. Meetings are open to the public.

What do we do?

We identify services and resources currently available to families; help to strengthen current services and resources; provide activities in the community to help find children who are not currently receiving services; and, help to develop and implement a coordinated inter-agency service system for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers including children with special needs and their families.

How can you participate?

Attend the monthly meetings in your county; advocate for children and families by becoming a champion for children and spreading the First 2000 Days message; sponsor and/or promote activities of the local teams; encourage parents to become involved; and, share and connect with resources in your county.

If you are interested or need help, please contact us.



Office located at

Children’s Developmental Services Agency

87 Bonnie Lane, Sylva, NC 28779​​

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upcoming meetings


Jody Miller, Community Engagement Coordinator

Jody Miller

Community Engagement Coordinator


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