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Smart Start/LICC

The SS/LICC (Smart Start / Local Interagency Coordinating Council) is made up of community members and parents with an interest in quality services for children, including children with special needs, and families in our community. We identify services and resources currently available to families, help to strengthen current services and resources and provide activities in the community to help find children who are not currently receiving services

TI Training for Professionals

This training opportunity focuses on assisting you in your efforts to support healthy social, emotional and behavioral

development in the children in your classroom.

A professional trainer will work with you to understand your specific concerns and develop shared goals for managing the

special needs of the children in your classroom.

Child Care Health Consultants

Health Educators assist childcare providers in ensuring high standards of health and safety are met within childcare and pre-k settings throughout the seven counties of Region A.


Region A Partnership for Children provides Smart Start funding for the WAGE$ program. WAGE$ professional development salary supplements are paid bi-annually to childcare professionals who participate in the WAGE$ program. The program is designed to reduce turnover in childcare and assist childcare professionals in achieving higher education.

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